Arsinoe II

Ptolemy II, greatest of the Ptolemies,
built, at Alexandria, the greatest library in the world,
perhaps the greatest ever.

He had one sister. One was enough.

She secured for him Αλεξάνδρεια, his inheritance,
(and for herself a place among the Goddesses)
by an elegantly simple stratagem, lucid and faithful
to first principles as Euclid’s Elements, and worthy
of any Platonist worth his salt: she murdered
(did she only arrange it?) his half-brothers
and rid him of his wife, Arsinoe I,
traitress. (He, a Greek Pharaoh, believed it).

He married her, married his own sister.
Their title, in best Egyptian style: Philadelphus.
Brother-lover. And both were divine.

Miamisburg, Ohio, 2011