Argos of Alexandria

יהוה = Hashem, the Lord; Θεονυμφα = Theonymfa, Bride of God

I, Αργος Αλεζανδρεος, and my private intellection,
sip arak behind this flowery trellis
at twilight, hard by the harbor where Pharos prepares
to outshine Isis in the sky.

יהוה, G-d of the Jews, created the earth
in seven days, they say, and placed mankind,
male and female, in a lush and bountiful garden
watered by four rivers; but the most desirable
fruit He hid deep in the midst of a forest,
where serpents crawl.

Θεονυμφα, my young and comely second wife,
also hides her most desirable fruit
deep under the folds of her chiton,
where Serapis once …

I sip arak, observing through my trellis
on the darkening, ill-omened street, the scurrying aromatic
women of Alexandria.

My beloved books wait on shelves in my house,
where Θεονυμφα, now a follower of the meek Galilean,
also waits.

Unhappily, if I return now to my house,
Θεονυμφα will cudgel me.

Miamisburg, Ohio, 2012